Meet the team.

Our team of talented individuals are the backbone of the Seahorse World experience.

Craig Hawkins

Owner & Managing Director,
MSc (Plant Science)

After 15 years working as a professional forester in NSW and Tasmania in both private and government positions, Craig moved over to seahorse farming and tourism following the purchase of the business with his wife Rachelle. His main roles include overall responsibility for the efficient running of the business and successful integration of its production and tourism elements. Craig has designed and installed many of the aquaculture systems operating at Seahorse World and also drives general improvements and upgrades of the tourism experience.

Rachelle Hawkins

Owner & Director Exports and Fish Production – BSc, Grad. Dip. App. Sc. (Aquaculture)

Rachelle is the original Head Biologist of the seahorse farm and has worked with the organisation since inception. Now an owner of Seahorse World, she has worked through the many trials and challenges of the early days as the business researched the best production methods for seahorses. With a growing export market, Rachelle also organises the detailed paperwork and logistics for sending these endangered animals around the globe with United Nations CITES guidelines and balances all this with the responsibilities of raising 6 young children.

Christopher Carey

Aquarium Manager

Christopher is a native of Warrnambool, Victoria and has had a passion for fish keeping for many years. He has assisted with upgrades to the Seahorse World display and is responsible for the daily care of all the creatures here.

Lani Kittel

Tour Guide, Tourism Team Leader

Originally employed as a tour guide, Lani has also worked as an aquarium technician but is now one of our tourism team leaders. Lani drives the gift shop at Seahorse World which is often remarked on by our guests as one of the most unique tourism gift shops in the state. Her dedication to Seahorse World and love for the animals is experienced by guests on her tours.

Tegan Blackwell

Tour Guide, Cert 3 Captive Animal Husbandry

Tegan is an experienced Seahorse World aquarium technician and tour guide working with the attraction since 2007. She has likely taken more tours at Seahorse World than any other guide. A passionate show jumping rider, Tegan has taken some convincing not to try riding the seahorses.

Kuan Nee Lim

Tour Guide, Msc (Marine Environment)

Kuan is a Seahorse World work horse being an extremely diligent technician in both production and tourism components of the business. After completing a Masters degree in Science at the University of Tasmania, Kuan was employed by Seahorse World in 2013. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay and English, Kuan is also an invaluable addition to our tour guide team and a favourite of some of our group tour companies.

Jesse Chippindall

Tour Guide

Jesse is a born and bred Beauty Point lad who has grown up with a passion for local marine life, fishing and sailing. He is an experienced tour guide both at Seahorse World and in other tourism operations and applies his brilliant thespian skills to his fishy interests to provide a wonderful tour experience for our visitors. Jesse also loves his coffee and music and adds  great colour to the team here at Seahorse World.

James Donohue

Tour Guide

James is a local lad who started with us right out of school as an aquarium technician and has also been an important part of our tour guide team now for quite a few years. He is one of the great, friendly locals that help make Seahorse World a relaxed, enjoyable place to be around.

If you would like to join our team, please contact us on
and we’ll let you know if there are any vacancies that might be suitable to you.