Weedy SeadragonPhyllopteryx taeniolatus

  • Found from the SW of Western Australia around to the mid central NSW coast.
  • Shallow water specimens more brown in colour.
  • Deep water specimens more red/orange in colour.
  • Body of fish deepens with age especially in females.
  • After the mating ritual the female deposits eggs onto the underneath of the male’s tail where he incubates until birth approx 250 eggs for 70 days.
  • The eggs are fertilized by the spermatozoon penetrating the dermal cells of the male’s tail and then entering the eggs.
  • Weedy Seadragons feed in part, at least on species of mysid shrimp.
  • Also known as the “Common Seadragon”.
  • Maximum length 45cm. Found in water to 50m.