Get to know the residents

Seahorse World is a working farm and offers guided tours with expert guides to experience the fascinating life cycle of a seahorse.

Seahorse World is not your everyday aquarium experience.

Over the years we have discovered that overwhelmingly, people who visit us get the most out of a guided tour where they can listen to an expert, ask questions, touch the animals, and get a true behind-the-scenes experience.

Visit Seahorse World and join a guided tour departing regularly.  Just turn up when you are ready, or buy your tickets online and select a time that you can lock in to guarantee your spot on the tour.

Did you know….

  • Seahorses have prehensile tails which are similar to that of a monkeys’ and can grab onto anything. This is a reflex action.
  • They have a sealed jaw (that’s what the word syngnathide means) with a mouth opening at the end of the jaw.
  • The fin on their back is called a dorsal fin and propels them forward and they maintain their balance with small pectoral fins situated on either side of the back of their head.
  • They perform colour changes using small special organs in the skin known as “Chromatophores”.  These are tiny elastic bags of dense pigment that can be expanded and contracted to show a spot of a particular colour, a bit like the pixels in a television screen.  Turning these spots on and off allows them to display particular colours.

If you think that’s interesting, wait until you see them in real life! Come and tour the facility and you’ll see a range of seahorses including:

  • West Australian Seahorse – Hippocampus elongatus
  • Big Bellied Seahorse – Hippocampus abdominalis
  • Short-snout Seahorse – Hippocampus breviceps
  • White’s Seahorse (Sydney Seahorse) – Hippocampus whitei
  • Slender Seahorse – Hippocampus reidi
  • Yellow Seahorse – Hippocampus kuda

If you have a particular interest in learning about or purchasing seahorses, we suggest you visit our sister company Seahorse Australia.