Singapore is perhaps the world’s trading hub for ornamental fish. Apart from the fact that fish keeping is enormously popular in the tiny island country, it’s international airport and location in South East Asia make it an ideal place to collect and ship ornamental fish for global markets.

Aquarama is a biennial trade fair where ornamental fish importers and exporters and aquarium products manufacturers gather to discover what is new in the industry. This year it is held from 30th May to 2 June.

Seahorse World Managing Director, Craig Hawkins has participated in several Aquarama’s and this year is involved in the trade and public seminar series. For the trade seminar the presentation will focus on the current trends in wild and captive seahorse trading and some of the issues that are encountered.

For the public seminar, Craig will reveal some of the amazing features of Australia’s mysterious seadragons including Seahorse World’s experience with them.

The seadragons at Seahorse World have been a major drawcard for tourism in Tasmania now for over 12 years.