Is a seahorse a fish?

The seahorse has long held a peculiar attraction for mankind.

The Roman God of the Sea, ‘Neptune’ is depicted in a chariot drawn by seahorses. Indeed, scientists recognise the horse-like attributes of these fish and have named them Hippocampus (Greek: hippos = horse and kampos = seamonster).

The seahorses being farmed at Seahorse World include the Pot Bellied Seahorse, Hippocampus abdominalis.

As a result of the work of a team of dedicated young people, this beautiful species is now safe for future generations of people to admire. Nowhere else in the world has a breeding and rearing program for so many species of seahorse been so successful.

Seahorse World can provide a tailored educational and interactive experience to meet the specific needs of your group.

Is a seahorse a fish? What makes a fish a fish? These and other questions will be answered by our trained guides on school excursions. Seahorse World offers specialised tours to cater for children with special needs; Pre-school children, Primary and Secondary school students.

Special rates apply for school groups please enquire.

For tertiary students, marine enthusiasts and the scientific community, we offer an advanced experience allowing a true behind the scenes look at our farm available nowhere else.

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Hippocampus abdominalis